Frequently asked questions

It is almost impossible to give a general estimate of a cake due to every cake being custom for every client. Typically, pricing is based on amount per serving, but, sometimes a smaller cake will have more detail and, in that case, would be priced higher. 

Unfortunately, at this time, Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes does not offer additional dessert options besides cake. We would be happy to recommend you with other professionals who do!

Above and below this section are links titled ” CAKE TASTINGS”. The page will give instructions on what to do next.

Due to the busyness of our studio, we like to accommodate all of our clients. We have very limited dates that we have available. When a cake tasting is requested, we will send you a few options regarding dates and times that we have open via email. We recommend booking a cake consultation 6-8 months from the event.  

Yes, we always recommend delivery on custom cakes due to the fragile nature of the cake itself. Delivery is available at an additional cost or pickup is available for smaller cakes at our studio located in Staten Island, NY. 

Typically, our wedding cakes are booked 4-12 months due to limited availability during the busy season ( March-June, September-November). Smaller event cakes typically are booked 2-5 months in advance. We require 2 months notice on wedding cakes and one month notice on smaller occasion cakes, For cake “emergencies” please contact us and we will always try to accommodate. 

At this time, Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes does not offer gluten-free/vegan cakes. The gluten-free/vegan line is currently in the works and will be offered in the future. 

Currently, Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes only offers fondant cakes for special occasion events. Fondant acts as a protective barrier between air and cake and, therefore, results in a more moist cake.

Due to the time-consuming nature of sugar flowers, unfortunately, we can only produce enough for our clientele at the current moment. 

Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes is located at 81 Winant Place, SI, NY 10309. We are currently an appointment-only studio. 

Currently, Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes is the house baker for: 

The St.Regis Hotel

The Chateau Grande Hotel

The Legacy Castle

The Park Chateau