A strong foundation from the start

As a child,  I always had a love for baking. My Grandmother was an avid baker who passed the passion of baking to her grandson. Every holiday was like an episode of The Next Great Baker in my family .Growing up Italian, food has always been the heart and soul of our culture. Food was always a comfort of mine and at a young age I decided I wanted to give that comfort of food to others. I always knew I wanted to be apart of the food industry somehow. Originally, I dreamed of owning a restaurant for years and even scouted out where I would go on to college to pursue this. I wanted it , but that dream did not feel right. Eventually, my dreams of owning a restaurant slowly died as I stumbled across my new favorite television show, Cake Boss. Every weekend there would be “Sugar Saturday” where I tried to recreate a cake from Cake Boss. My kitchen would be upside down and I had nobody to give the finished product to but it helped me practice my craft. I was so inspired and fascinated watching Buddy and his team turn something edible into art. By the age of 15, I slowly realize that all those “Sugar Saturdays” paid off and my skill level increased immensely. Eventually, others saw this as well and started to place orders. Getting orders was great but I knew I was not were I should be skill wise. I am a firm believer that there is always room for improvement. 

One thing did come true  in regards to my past dream; I attended the college that I scouted out many years ago, The Culinary Institute of America. At the CIA, I truly learned the art of baking. My education from the CIA taught me the key to success and lead me to master the complex flavor profiles within baking.  Eventually, I applied to Carlo’s Bakery for an internship and after two long weeks of going back and forth I got the position! Three long and exhausting months of working with the boss himself lead me to realize that this was exactly what I wanted to do. My passion had grown so strong and I was so much more confident in my skills. When the internship ended at Carlo’s, Cake Art (my first company) was born. Cake Art was too  mainstream for my artistry and alot of mistakes were made. These mistakes helped educate me and molded me into more of an artist. I decided it was time to reinvent myself and dabble again in the field of knowledge once Cake Art closed. I went on to Intern for the famous sugar artist from Manhattan- Ron Ben-Israel. At Ron’s, I truly learned the art of weddings. Whether it was replicating lace from a bride’s gown or matching sugar flowers to the couple’s centerpieces,


r on’s cakes were extremely unique.His  uniqueness inspired me to want to create my own luxury brand like no other. By exploring more into myself and my art, I decided it was time to rebrand my company to what it should have been since the beginning. Named after myself, Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes exemplifies who I am as an artist. You want to replicate your lace and bouquet colors? Sure, we do that. You want a cake that has old world charm? We do that too. My brand is all about being unique and standing out hence my motto bold, daring, and innovative. Each term captures exactly what we do here. A cake is a staple piece at your wedding that is extremely unique to you and your other half. It symbolizes your first taste of a sweet life together. As mentioned before, I always wanted to bring comfort to people through my work. I have truly designed Vincenzo Salvatore Cakes to do just that. With each season, we change our menu due to the fact that we always use the freshest ingredients to bring you the comfort the seasons have to offer. When you take a bite of that warm apple sponge with an all spice filling, it should truly make you feel like you are sitting at your Grandmother’s kitchen table with the trees outside changing colors. As a brand, I will always make sure that we strive to be above the competition and always educate ourselves on the newest trends. Although, does being true to yourself as an artist ever go out of style?


Always be Bold, Daring and Innovative,



Vincenzo Salvatore